Secret UFO Files Released As German Government Lose The Right To Keep Research Private

Conspiracy Theorists Have Forced Germany To Release ALL Their UFO Files

After a long and intense struggle, the German Government has been forced to make its UFO research public.

Until 2008, the existence of this report was denied by the German parliament --the Bundestag -- who have fought hard to keep the files private.

According to The Express however, two years later UFO enthusiast Robert Fleischer from discovered that the Government had in fact tasked its scientific department with the job of researching the existence of extraterrestrial life.

The battle for the X-files has been somewhat of a David and Goliath fight, with German blogger Frank Reitemeyer taking the Bundestag to court over the country's lack of transparency concerning its UFO research.

In 2011, he won his first fight after the Berlin Administrative Court ruled that German citizens had the right to view the classified report being put together by the country's Scientific Service.

At the time, Reitemeyer told the Berlin court:

"I want to know facts and it bothers me that in France, England, USA, Canada, the citizens can see the UFO files, and I am not informed as a German from my German government. It is therefore such a glaring discrepancy...In France, a citizen is automatically informed by his government because the government provides the UFO files to the website of the space agency, so officially on the government side, anyone can view the documents free at home"

While a date has not yet been set for the document's release, -- a sight dedicated to extraterrestrial life -- said the ruling was not only a win for UFO research but also for "the freedom of information in general."

Others appeared to be doubtful of whether the documents would actually reveal anything new.

Nigel Watson, who wrote the UFO Investigation Manual, told the Daily Mail: 'They won't reveal any secrets about hidden alien technology or alien bodies, but then again we can always hope!'

Here in Britain, UFO enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting March 2016, when the UK Ministry of Defence will reportedly release 18 files to the National Archive, although it is not clear at present if the public will have access to this research.

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