'Big Brother' 2015: Emma Willis And Rylan Clark Hit Back At 'Fix' Claims, Following Sam Kay's Eviction

'Big Brother' Presenters Hit Back At 'Fix' Claims

Big Brother’ presenters Emma Willis and Rylan Clark have hit back at claims that the show’s most recent twist was a fix.


On Friday night, nominated housemates Jack McDermott, Chloe Wilburn and Sam Kay were each assigned an amount of money, by randomly selecting an envelope.

The remaining contestants then had to choose which of the three should leave the house, with that person’s selected amount then being added to the prize fund.

Sam Kay leaves the 'BB' house

Sam picked the highest amount of money, and was then chosen to leave the house by the group, with a hefty £15,000 then being added to the winner’s prize money.

However, some fans of the series have speculated that this may have been a fix on the part of the Channel 5 reality show’s producers, which a frustrated Rylan was keen to point out was definitely not the case.

Rylan Clark

When Emma quizzed him about whether Twitter users suspected it was a fix, during Friday’s episode of ‘Big Brother’s Bit On The Side’, Rylan explained: “In the break just before we came on I had a little look on Twitter, and it was like, ‘Oh it’s a fix! Of course Sam got the 15 grand.”

Raising his voice, he then insisted: “They picked them themselves!! What more do you wanna see?!”

Emma then agreed, adding: “It was inevitable, even if she had £1000 on her head, I think it still would have been Sam.”

Following Friday’s shock double eviction, which also saw Harry Amelia facing the boot, just six housemates remain in the ‘BB’ residence, ahead of this Thursday’s live final.

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