Ariana Grande WON'T Face Criminal Charges Over 'Doughnut-Licking' Video, Police Confirm

Ariana Grande will not face charges over what she has dubbed her “doughnut fiasco”.


The ‘Problem’ singer faced a backlash last week, when a video surfaced online, showing her licking doughnuts that were out on display in a California shop.

Following the doughnut-licking video leak, and the ensuing controversy, police confirmed that they would be investigating the incident, with public health officials.

Ariana Grande

Luckily for Ariana, though, a representative for Riverside County Sheriff’s Department has now confirmed that the owner of Wolfee Donuts, where the whole debacle unfolded, is not planning to press charges against the singer.

A police spokesperson confirmed to TMZ on Monday that Ariana “will not be charged with criminal mischief”.

Ariana and the offending doughnut

It wasn’t just her errant tongue that landed the pop singer in hot water, though, as she was also criticised for her comments later in the video that were deemed anti-American, as she was heard telling her rumoured beau: “What the fuck is that? I hate America. I hate Americans.”

After initially putting her comments down to her grievances against obesity (alright, then…), Ariana later posted a video on her YouTube channel, entitled ‘Sorry Babes’, in which she apologised for her controversial remarks.

Ariana might have got off scot free this time, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t all be extremely wary of popstars around baked goods. Somewhere, at some point, a similar controversy will develop again.

Will it be Justin Bieber with a chocolate eclair? Miley Cyrus with an iced bun? Or the four ladies of Little Mix running amock with a Victoria sponge?

Bakers, beware...

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