'Big Brother' 2015: Cristian MJC Furious After Details Of 'Intimate Video' Are Exposed

'BB' Cristian Furious After Details Of 'Intimate Video' Are Exposed

Big Brother’ housemate Cristian MJC has been left furious, after details of an “intimate video” he recorded with an ex-partner were exposed on the Channel 5 show.

During the latest task in the house, Big Brother claimed that the aspiring rapper used the X-rated tape as a way of ending an awkward situation with an ex partner, threatening to show it to her parents.

Cristian's X-rated past is exposed

As the housemates were tested on how well they’d gotten to know each other over the last nine weeks, Big Brother posed the question: “Which housemate put an end to a relationship with an ex by reminding them of an intimate video between the two of them that their parents wouldn’t want to see?”

The group immediately guessed Cristian, prompting him to go to the Diary Room to complain about “private” information being revealed to the group.

“That task was completely not fair. In my case, the one about a partner. The way it was worded, it sounded really malicious,” he raged.

“It’s the kind of conversation that I’d have quietly with a good mate,” he said, adding that he would have divulged this information in a private conversation, as it was unfair to broadcast to the whole house.

He later told his housemates that he is worried about what his parents will think about the revelation.

Danny Wisker also suffered similar treatment at the hands of Big Brother, after they exposed old tweets of his making derogatory comments about “fat girls”.

Danny's fat-shaming past was also revealed

During the task, Big Brother asked the group: “Which Housemate tweeted, ‘Fat birds trying it on with me in clubs. Stick to your own kind’?”

After the group guessed that it was Nick, they were shocked to find out that Danny actually wrote the tweet, with Chloe Wilburn branding it “terrible”.

‘Big Brother’ airs tonight at 10pm on Channel 5.


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