Fearless Four-Year-Old Gets A Taste Of What It's Like To Be An Astronaut On Microgravity Flight

Lea Langumier has been flying with her pilot dad since she was two-year-old, but this time she experienced something completely different.

Now aged four, Langumier, from Lachute near Montreal in Quebec, had the best father-daughter bonding time after experiencing microgravity on a flight - just like they do in space.

As they flew through the sky, her dad placed a toothbrush on the dashboard which soon flew in the air for the four-year-old to catch.

Lea Langumier catching the toothbrush which flew into her hand

According to, Langumier watched a clip of Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield brushing his teeth on board the International Space Station.

The young girl then told her father how cool it was to see the toothbrush floating in the air.

“So we took a flight to make it even cooler,”the dad told

The video above shows what happened as he took his small plane through a series of aerobatic manoeuvres to make a toothbrush ‘fly’ through the air.

The four-year-old looked completely unfazed and looked like a complete natural.

The video below shows Lea on her first aerobatic flight, when she giggled in the back seat the whole way.