Homeless Man's CV Goes Viral, Now A Lot Of People Want To Employ Him

Job Offers For Homeless Man Flood In After CV Goes Viral

Once again, the good people of Twitter have managed to restore our faith in humanity.

A young homeless man from Liverpool has been inundated with job offers after his CV was shared online and then went viral.

Jordan Lockett, 23, gave his CV to Aaron O’Dwyer, 18, after the teenager stopped to give him some change in the street.

O’Dwyer agreed to share the CV, which was written in biro on a scrap piece of paper, on Twitter.

Lockett's CV reads: "Need work. Need help. Seriously lost.

"I am sick of wasting away now. I am always being told to go to homeless centres but they're not helping."

He then goes on to list his work experience to date, including the two years he worked as a motorbike mechanic, before saying that he is "a fast learner".

O’Dwyer's call to action has now been re-tweeted more than 1,000 times and has been shared hundreds of times on Facebook.

Lockett has reportedly been flooded with job offers from people in the Liverpool area.

One of the kind folk willing to give him a chance is Lee Brennan, who owns the Albert Dock restaurant What's Cooking.

Brennan told the Liverpool Echo: "My wife saw the story on social media and it touched a chord in both of us.

"I'm interested in meeting him to see if he would be suitable. We can teach him cooking, life and social skills. If he needs an advance on his wages we can sort that so long as he is enthusiastic and committed."

The local paper is now asking anyone who knows Lockett's whereabouts to put him in touch, so they can forward all interview and job offers.

Homelessness in London

Homelessness In London