Mind-controlled Cars Tested In China

Driverless cars have just been taken to a whole new level.

Chinese researchers appear to have successfully driven a car using nothing but their minds.

In a series of images released by a Chinese photo agency, a team at Nankai University are seen to be using a headset that monitors electrical activity in the brain, to brake, reverse, start, lock and unlock the car.

The electroencephalo-graph controlled the car, by reading the driver's mind and transferring the information to a computer processor connected to a electrical unit within the car.

A report from state-controlled Chinese media, CCTV claim that the device "does not harm the human body."

Associate professor Duan Feng, from the university's College of Computer and Control Engineering, who led the research told CCTV:

"We connect our equipment with CAN (Controller Area Network) of the car for communication, which is a breakthrough because in the past the human brain signal can only control stuffs in visual environment or a simple thing like a wheelchair.

Now we can do it on an entire car, and we are the first in China."

Mind-controlled Car Tested At Nankai University In Tianjin

Mind-controlled Car Tested At Nankai University In Tianjin