PMQs Today Without The Shouting: 15 July 2015

Today marks the final PMQs before our MPs go on summer holiday. Much like in school, everyone was itching in their seats.

George Osborne's face was cause for concern for some...

There was a lot of chat about Greece:

Some arguing about minimum wage:

There was a terrible joke from the PM:

Angus Robertson raised a genuinely serious point about rape, and it wasn't taken seriously.

Iain Duncan Smith was chewing gum.

Someone brought up the Tube strike, and had a pop at the unions:

Ponytail. PONYTAIL.

Paul Flynn pointed out that the PM and Chancellor's constituencies only contained three asylum seekers, when those is Wales had hundreds...

Mims Davies asked a question. This happened:

The PM used the phrase "Put that on your leaflets!"

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