How Many Children Could You Look After? Facebook Quiz Aims To Tell You The Answer

How Many Children Will You Have? This Fun Quiz Can Help You Decide

You might dream of having a big family, but a new quiz doing the rounds on Facebook is predicting how many children you can really look after.

The nine-question quiz asks you questions about your family, hobbies, what you like to do to relax and your opinion on children.

Once you've completed the questions, your result will pop up on screen, and may be a lot higher than how many children you already have or are planning to have -some quiz players got results in the double digits!

Apparently we can all look after a lot more kids than we thought...

But of course, it is just a bit of fun and while it won't help you decide how many children you will have, it might be useful for working out whether you would be a really, really good babysitter.

We're also not convinced that the nine questions are best picked to determine the amount of children you can look after.

One of them simply states: "Do you dream of having a big family?" - No prizes for guessing how your answer to that will affect your score.

And some others seem a bit off the point and pretty vague.

But aside from that, this quiz will provide a lot of laughs.

So come on then - how many kids can you look after? Take the quiz here.

Results below, please.