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It's no new revelation that as women today we’re under more pressure than ever before; the desire to “have it all” sits heavily, with career goals and motherhood constantly at odds as we try and juggle a multi faceted existence. We’re waking up earlier, spending longer at our desks, and eating meals on the go. Unfortunately when the going gets tough, the first things to fall by the wayside are our health, fitness and beauty regimes.

While sometimes it may feel like throwing your blackberry off a bridge might be the only answer to your sanity, there are some simple health and beauty hacks which will have you back on track in no time. If you’re feeling the burnout but don’t have time for a detox, here’s eight easy additions to your daily routine that will keep you looking healthy and radiant - from the inside out.

1) Himalayan Pink Salt – This little beauty will not only look pretty in your salt dish, it’s widely regarded as a wonder ingredient that boasts countless health and beauty benefits. Hailing from the Himalayan mountain range, Pink Salt’s purity has been rejoiced as a wonder alternative to the traditional white stuff, and it’s been claimed to reduce bloating, and aid a restful nights sleep. So swap this into your diet or throw a handful in the bath – this miracle worker will have you back to your best in no time.

2) Red Wine – Now here’s one we can definitely all get on board with. While alcohol is never going to claim to help you run a marathon, one glass of red wine a night can provide you with a bucketful of healing anti oxidants. Red wine contains something called Resveratrol*, which lowers the risk of blood clots and helps prevent damage to blood vessels – all round winner. There’s also something to be said for a healthy dose of relaxation, so put your feet up, pour a glass and get an early night.

3) Biotin for Healthy Hair – While Biotin might not be a word that immediately springs to recognition, its more commonly known sources will certainly do so. This wonder vitamin found in Brown Rice, Peas, Lentils and Oats is the one of the most commonly associated factors with strong and healthy hair. Incorporating these simple foodstuffs into your diet could do wonders for your locks, so stock up.

4) Collagen – While collagen has become something of a muddled word of late (most commonly associated with something you’d have pumped into your lips for a fuller pout), it’s actually a key existing component in our skin responsible for its strength and resilience, which over time and through various life stresses starts to break down leaving the skin looking deflated and tired. If you’re keen to pack in as many benefits as possible, taking a liquid shot of Pure Gold Collagen every morning is a great way forward for reviving beautiful skin, hair and nails. Working from the inside out rather than applying a topical cream, clinical trials have shown that Pure Gold Collagen (from Minerva Research Labs) helps improve early signs of ageing, meaning one small shot a day will enhance and rejuvenate your skin, hair and nails. These power shots contain Hydrolysed Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid Borage oil, as well as a roll call of essential minerals and vitamins such as Biotin (essential for healthy hair) .

5) Water – It’s been drummed into all of us since our youth that eight glasses a day is needed to keep us healthy and in tip-top shape. Although old as time itself, this one couldn’t be truer. Upping your hydration will provide immediate wellbeing effects; improved digestion, clearer skin and a wonder cure if you suffer from headaches.

6) Aloe Vera Juice – If your hectic lifestyle has left you with any irritating skin complaints, taking a small dose of Aloe Vera Juice every day could be the answer to calming and soothing your angry skin. Aloe Vera juice can aid in the healing of the likes of eczema, psoriasis and even reduce inflammations from spot breakouts.

7) Spinach – adding spinach to your diet will not only earn you brownie points in the “eat your greens” department, it also harbors many important health benefits, as well as being a natural diuretic. This means that if you’re holding onto any excess water weight and are feeling a little bloated, this leafy green could help flush it out of your system.

8) Vitamin D Supplements – Vitamin D, or “the sunshine vitamin” as it is sometimes known, is essential for our bodies in many life-changing ways. It’s thought to prevent the onset of Osteoporosis, to lower the risk of heart disease and cancers, and prevent against type 1 Diabetes**. Our primary source of vitamin D is from the sun, so in our less than generous UK climate taking a supplement can be a great way to ensure you reap all the benefits of a healthy vitamin D intake