A Jobless Teenager Wins £6,000 In Talent Show And Then Donates It To The Homeless

Jobless Teenager Donates His Talent Show Winnings To The Homeless

After winning a talent show, Christian Hudson, 19, donated the show’s $10,000 (£6,400) prize to a homeless Drop-In and Rehab Centre in his hometown of Calgary, Canada.

The 19-year-old’s unorthodox playing style saw him beat 11 competitors to claim the winnings.

The struggling musician is without a full-time job but having lived on the streets himself for a short period decided to donate the money anyway.

Christian quit his job at an auto auction in Airdrie to participate in the talent show. To save money he decided to spend a few nights in a sleeping bag near the town's river instead of driving back to his hometown each night.

He told the Calgary Herald: “I wish I could claim it was spontaneous. It was in the back of my mind, the hope I would win.

“It was inspired right from the moment I met these people. They gave me a bit of a tour of downtown and they told me some of their backstories…

"There was this one guy who seemed a totally normal guy and told me about his past. And if what he told me about his past was true, then the things that were surrounding him never happened to him then he’d be just like me. He’d be a regular guy who could work a regular job.”

Christian clinched first place with his his rendition of Nina Simone’s ‘Be My Husband’, which he dedicated to his grandfather.

“It’s from his generation…I just wanted to revive something classic,” he said.

Talent Search Committee chair, Andrew Bunka, said he was touched by Hudson’s gesture.

He said: “It’s a true testament to the type of individuals we have participating in our competition. What Christian did tonight shows his generosity and where his values are.

“I have absolutely no doubt he’s going to take his craft to the next level and make it some day and this will all be something he can look back on and be very proud of.”

More than 300 performers, aged 13 to 21, auditioned to compete in the talent show. It was whittled down to 58 performers, and 12 junior performers aged six to 12 who performed but did not compete.

Watch Christian’s winning performance here.


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