Spam Email Levels Have Reached Their Lowest Point In 12-Years

Spam emails, widely regarded as the source of all human conflict since the dawn of time, have just reached a 12-year low.

This momentous news comes courtesy of security firm Symantec which publishes a global report on the status of spam emails each month.

Well for the first time since 2003, spam emails now count for less than 50 per cent of all the emails sent around the globe.

In June 49.7 per cent of the billions of emails that were sent and scanned by Symantec were spam. There's even more good news which is that the figure is continuing to drop, and fast.

In July the numbers have already dropped to 46 per cent. It's believed that the reason for this sudden decline is the work by various government organisations to crack down on botnets stationed around the world.

Botnets are networks of hijacked computers that generate the spam content. In the last 10 months alone the UK police have shut down seven major botnets.

Symantecs report did highlight something worrying though which is that while the traditional password scams were in decline, the use of more sophisticated malware was on the up.

That means the use of ransomware and malware are on the rise, so while the numbers are decreasing, the emails themselves are becoming more dangerous.