Why are we still bombarded with unsolicited and unwanted direct marketing, and how do we stop it?
An absolutely massive spambot has been discovered with access to over 711 million email addresses. The spambot, known only
Over the years I know of many people who have abandoned their email addresses or change their phone numbers because they were fed up with sheer volume of spam mail and nuisance calls they received. Quite an extreme thing to do, but when your data has been abused by businesses and organisations to the point that it's impacting your life, this might have been the only option to regain privacy.
You could have to pay up to £800 just to get your files back
Security experts have issued a warning about a 'huge' surge in the amount of ransomware attacks that are taking place through
Sanford Wallace, otherwise known as the 'Spam King', has pleaded guilty of sending over 27 MILLION unwanted Facebook messages
Spam emails, widely regarded as the source of all human conflict since the dawn of time, have just reached a 12-year low
Reports online are saying WhatsApp is going to open up to more commercial messages, allowing companies and entrepreneurs to contact customers. Which is great if you run a high-level spam operation, not so great if you just enjoy messaging your friends.
Following the Sony Pictures Hack, Xbox hack and others, large tech companies are now using slightly unorthodox methods to