'Lookalikes' Brings Reality TV Mockumentary To A Celebrity Lookalike Agency In Eastbourne - How Convincing Is This Lot?

How Convincing Are These Celebrity Lookalikes?

"You don't have to be crazy to work here... you just have to look like someone famous."

And we're off... to Lookalikes, Channel 4's show debuting tonight and following the antics at Eastbourne's premier celebrity lookalike agency, run by David Beckham impersonator Andy Harmer.

It's David and Victoria Beckham, just not really...

With celebrity wannabe doubles stretching across the spectrum from uncanny to, er, unconvincing, 'Lookalikes' really doesn't have to do much to be entertaining, as we cast our eye on these ordinary folks who, by virtue of a bit of DNA and good timing, have ended up the nearest thing most of us will get to touching an A-lister.

But, lest the novelty of that wears off, we have manager Andy, and his hare-brained schemes to make some more money out of his quasi-celebrity signings. 'Fame Fertile' anyone? The 'Chippendoubles'?

Life as a celebrity double must be very strange, undoubtedly...

This mockumentary has none of the satire of 'The Office', but 'David Brent' does make an appearance, fed up with his day job but good with the ladies, apparently. And 'Gordon Ramsay' is lovesick, finally admitting to feelings for 'Victoria Beckham'. Did celebrity just eat itself?


Lookalikes - Uncanny Celeb Doubles

'Lookalikes' starts tonight at 10pm on Channel 4. While you're waiting, more uncanny celeb lookalikes below...

Celebrity Lookalikes

Celebrity Lookalikes


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