Alan Mak: Ten Things We Learnt About The Tory MP For Havant

Alan Mak
Alan Mak

In the latest from our 15 from '15 interviews, Tory MP Alan Mak wilfully submitted himself to some mildly intrusive questioning.

He was Tory Boy as a teenager, loves William Hague and is most definitely not in Parliament to represent all British Asians.

You can read the full interview here, but if you just want a quick overview, here are some of the best bits.

  • When he was young, Alan wanted to be a shopkeeper
  • He joined the Conservatives when he was 16 years old
  • He was the first in his family to go to university
  • He attended a private school after securing a scholarship through the assisted place scheme
  • As the first British-Asian in the Commons, he does not want to be known as the MP for Hong Kong
  • He thinks more people should watch Parliament TV
  • He supports Manchester United
  • He stood in the Tower Hamlets local elections in 2010, coming 12th out of 16 in the Bethnal Green North ward. Four years later he stood again, coming tenth out of 14
  • Take That are one of his favourite bands
  • He needs to work on his punctuality