Taylor Swift Slammed On Twitter For Ignoring Wider Feminist And Race Issues In Nicki Minaj Row

The Backlash Against Taylor Swift After Her Feminism Row With Nicki Minaj Has Begun

Taylor Swift has come under fire on Twitter for "using faux-feminism to silence black women who call out white privilege", following her row with Nicki Minaj over the VMA nominations.

Minaj spoke out after Swift's video for 'Bad Blood' was nominated for the Video of the Year Award, drawing reference to the social impact that her video for 'Anaconda' had.

Assuming that Minaj's tweets were aimed at her, Swift replied to Minaj saying "I've done nothing but love and support you."

Fans took to Twitter to call Swift out for ignoring Minaj's attempts to comment on the history of racism and white privilege in the music industry.

Samira Sawlani from Media Diversified said: "Taylor Swift's inability or choice to ignore the point Nicki Minaj was making re: the role of race in the music industry and beyond, is a replay of the responses many people of colour who talk about feminism receive and reflective of society as a whole.

"Ultimately, Nicki Minaj was speaking out about her struggle as a black woman and unfortunately Taylor Swift hijacked the conversation by making it about her and her belief that Minaj was taking a swipe due to the VMA nominations.

"The truth is Taylor Swift's response is nothing new and neither is the reaction of the media who have made this about a 'war of words' while simultaneously vilifying Nikki Minaj."

She went on to say that the situation illustrates an ignorance of intersectionality, adding: "Swift may not be able to understand the challenges black women face, thus it would have made more sense for her to stay quiet or respond in solidarity.

"Not only did she response misconstrue what Nikki Minaj said (suggesting it was a woman against woman thing, or a bruised ego on Minaj's part) but it distracted from the real and more important conversation: race and body image.

"Perhaps this is an appropriate time to suggest Ms Swift reflect and 'check her privilege.' perhaps it's also time the rest of us search out the name Sandra Bland, to really understand what Nikki Minaj is saying."


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