'The Muppets' New Sky TV Series Revealed In Hilarious First Look Video

'The Muppets' Are Back Only This Time They're All Grown Up... ish

A new grown-up series of The Muppets has been previewed in America ahead of its first series in the autumn.

Kermit, Fozzie, Miss Piggy and the gang will reunite for the series, which will be shown in prime time and be aimed at kids of all ages.

A clip of the pitch used to commission the series was shown at last week’s Comic-Con in America.

The ten-minute video includes a cameo from actor Elizabeth Banks. It follows Kermit and Gonzo attempting to persuade Miss Piggy to be in the new show.

And there’s plenty of self-referential humour, with the clip’s documentary style mocked in a series of gags.

The series’ comedy credentials have been given a boost after signing one of the producers of 'The Big Bang Theory'.

American network ABC will begin airing the series in the autumn, and will air on Sky in the UK soon after.


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