Toddler Is Photographed 'Drinking Bottle Of Beer' In China And Outrages The Internet

A photo of a toddler in a highchair allegedly being fed a large bottle of beer has been posting on the internet.

The young boy named 'Tangtang' from China, said to be 19-months-old, is holding the top of the beer bottle with his own hands and putting it in his mouth, while an unseen adult is holding it at the end for him.

According to Shanghaiist, Tangtang's father, 31, told reporters that he had offered a few drops of beer to the child during a family gathering and the baby appeared to have "gotten drunk".

The photo was posted on Thai Zhonghua and has been doing rounds of the internet since.

The father claimed, according to Shanghaiist, in the months after the toddler first tried beer, he continued to offer his son "beers, white wines and red wines."

He said: "The beer has become his new milk," claiming his son even reaches for a beer when he sees the bottle.

The toddler, who lives in Yubei District, Chongquing in China, apparently enjoys the drinks his father gives him.

The photo has not only outraged others in China, but a senior nutritionist has also caught on.

She told Thai Zonghua, reported by Shanghaiist: "Children are in the growth and development stage and drinking will cause damage to the brain, increasing the burden on the heart, the greatest damage to the liver."

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