Toddler Scared Witless By Santa Claus Five Months Before Christmas - Worried Mum Appeals For Advice

A worried mum has appealed to the realms of the internet for advice after his two-year-old has admitted she is scared of Santa, five months before Christmas is even here.

The mum explained her concerns of why she would be worried about it now, as she is unlikely to suddenly remember Christmas 2014.

Writing as 'SuperTiredMom' she explained: "About a month ago at my mum's house, my (almost) 2 year old started saying she was scared of Santa. We figured she had a bad dream and decided to let it go after reassuring her that she was safe.

"A week later at our house, she started saying "scared santa!" over and over while clinging to us and/or hiding her face. It was typically at night in her room. We asked where "Santa" was, she pointed adamantly at her closet. We reassured her that she was safe, and that there was nothing to be afraid of..."

The mum explained her daughter seemed to randomly get scared of Santa over the next two weeks.

Having shown her Christmas story books and reassured her toddler that he's not in the house - nothing seems to calm her down.

She adds: "We've said over and over "there's no Santa in this house", and taught her to say "go away Santa", but none of this seems to help much. She still talks about "Santa" and is scared frequently."

Parents on Reddit came to the rescue and among the many comments, some agreed it was a natural thing to happen.

While among the many comments, parents seem to have three main solutions/conclusions to the probelem.

1) She might not mean Santa - I mean, it could definitely just be a random bearded man

2) While others came with practical advice - get Santa spray or a Santa doll

3) However others had a very odd connection - could the toddler mean Satan? Creepy.

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