Three-Month-Old Baby Mimics Dad And Babbles Words 'I Love You' Back In Adorable Video

The first time your child says "I love you" is always going to be emotional, but few of you will expect it before they learn to talk properly.

Which is why Ted Moskalenko was more than surprised when his three-month-old, Ben, garbled words very similar to "I love you" when he said it to his son.

While of course he doesn't actually say the three words exactly, when Moskalenko says "I love you", you can definitely hear three separate syllables that resemble an "I" sound, a bit of a garble, and an "oo".

Moskalenko's face as soon as he hears it is priceless, although baby Ben isn't quite sure what all the fuss is about.

The new father wrote on YouTube: "My baby boy Ben said "I love you" for the first time. Good thing my wife had the camera rolling. Enjoy!"

And Ben's mother added: "That's my boy! I'm so proud of you honey."

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