Teens Hailed As Heroes After Saving Elderly Couple From Sinking Car After It Crashed Into Lake

Two teenagers from Brussels have been hailed as heroes when a YouTube video was uploaded showing them saving an elderly couple from drowning after they drove their car into a lake.

The car had begun to sink at an alarming rate after the couple, one of whom is disabled, veered into a deep lake in Beervelde, East Flanders, with the passenger and driver windows open.

Wind-surfing instructors, Robbe Haems and Bjorn Cuvelier were teaching nearby when the accident happened, and quickly came to their aid, lifting them out through the windows and calmly returning them to dry land.

When he learnt the man was disabled by an injured leg, one of the boys began to panic.

"I was afraid the man would drown in front of my eyes," Haems told Belgian news site HLN.BE.

The video of the accident has now been watched more than 40,000 times.