Walt Palmer, Dentist Hunter Who 'Killed Cecil The Lion', Has His Review Page Hijacked

Walt Palmer is the American and "elite hunter" who has been accused of killing Zimbabwe's beloved lion Cecil, after the beast was found decapitated and skinned outside Hwange National Park earlier this month.

Palmer, who reportedly bribed a wildlife guide to let him hunt the beast, is also a dentist at a practice in Minnesota. And now there's some very angry people hijacking his review page.

One simply reads "sadist", while another alleges: "Your dentist, Walter Palmer, is probably charging you extra so that he can afford to pay for his lion hunting vice. Just so you know where your hard earned money is going!"

Palmer (left) with one of his many "trophies"

Dan B, of Brooklyn, New York, chimed in with a rather more dental-appropriate review: "It would be one thing if Walter Palmer ever started or ended an appointment on time, but he doesn't. It would be another thing altogether if it seemed for even an instant he even pretended to pay attention, but after yet another seemingly excessive crown, its clear that all Dr. Palmer cares about is money.

"Perhaps if he wasn't flying around the world to hunt lions (what?!) he would have the time and attention to detail his patients require."

Cecil was wounded by a crossbow and arrow, and then killed 40 hours later

Chloe O from Janesville, Wisconsin, concludes: "Just so you know, when you give money to this practice, you are helping to continue the destruction of wildlife...

"Plus, I heard he's realllllllllly bad at dentistry."

Palmer allegedly shot Cecil with a bow and arrow earlier this month in Hwange National Park. He pleaded guilty in 2008 to making a false statement to federal wildlife officials concerning the exact location of the killing of a black bear during a hunt in Wisconsin.

Cecil's decapitated, skinned body was found about half a mile out of the national park, after being lured out at night with bait. Animals are only allowed to be killed within the park during the day - and with a permit.

The animal was believed to have been wounded by Palmer's bow and arrow before finally being shot dead 40 hours later. The animal's collar was also removed, breaking the park's rules.

His six cubs will now be killed, as a new male lion won't allow them to live.

Johnny Rodrigues, the head of Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force said: "He was one of the most beautiful animals to look at. He never bothered anybody."