'The Chase': Paul Sinha, Aka The Sinnerman, Reveals Chasers Perform Tribal Dance Before Each Recording Of ITV Daytime Quiz Show

The secret to the success of ITV’s teatime quiz show ‘The Chase’ appears to have been revealed.


Paul Sinha (aka The Sinnerman) has revealed that there's a ceremonial dance, that the show’s Chasers do before each recording.

Paul Sinha with 'The Chase' host Bradley Walsh

The quiz show regular, who has appeared on ‘Are You an Egghead?’, ‘Brain of Britain’, ‘Mastermind’, ‘University Challenge’ and ‘The Weakest Link’, told Metro that the team of intimidating quiz boffins like to get down and dirty before they try to stop a team of hopefuls winning a load of cash.

“At the beginning of every day’s recording, we perform it with gusto. It is the most joyous 28 minutes of the working day.”

Paul with the rest of the Chasers

‘The Chase’ has become one of ITV’s biggest daytime shows since it started in 2009, regularly attracting viewers of nearly four million each day.

One of the show’s other Chasers, Anne Hegerty (aka The Governess), recently raised an eyebrow when she was filmed swearing in between takes during filming.

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