Bronde Hair Colour: Cara Delevingne, J-Lo and Jessica Alba Show Us How To Work The Trend At Any Age

As Jennifer Lopez is proving, it looks like 'bronde' hair is here to stay. More than just a (very clever) L'Oréal marketing term, bronde blurs the line between blonde and brunette hair.

For years, women have been trying this colour blending beauty trend, but now there's a handy term you can use to describe the look you want to achieve when at the hairdressers.

With the likes of everyone from Cara Delevingne to Jessica Alba rocking the look, this versatile colour technique suits all ages and skin tones.

According to Tai Walker, head of colour and technical development at Mahogany Hairdressing, the key to creating the best bronde colour is to find the right marriage of tones and hues.

She told HuffPost UK Style, "Rich chocolate bases should be teamed with warm golds or caramels - leave the cool and pearlescent blondes to ash or smoky bases.

"Avoid placing any lighter pieces directly through the parting area, keeping a veil of dark to fall and camouflage any regrowth for the ultimate in easy maintenance.

"Along with tonal refreshes, lighter sections around the face should be the only upkeep, something that could easily be refreshed in a lunch break."

Feeling like switching up your hair colour? Read Walker's guide to working bronde hair at any age:

In your 20s...

Now's the time to be your most daring. Embrace your youth and make use of strong contrasts of striking blonde tones with clever placement of bold internal panels.

In your 30s...

Mid contrasts of depths are key. Keep colours in the same tonal family; think mochas through to soft creams.

In your 40s and beyond...

Keep hues blended as much as possible - there should be a minimal visible connection between colours. Complexions tend to change a little through the latter part of the 40s, so slightly lighter bases are more flattering.

With white hairs coming through, staying on the lighter side of bronde will mean a lower maintenance 'do.

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