Bugaboo Runner Advert Deemed 'Unrealistic' But 'Not Offensive' As Mums See Comical Side

A promotional image shared by Bugaboo that showed a slim model in a bikini jogging with one of their prams sparked an online debate among mums.

The high-end buggy company shared the photo of model Ymre Stiekema pushing daughter Lymée in a pram worth £515 on their Instagram account.

The buggy is part of their new stroller range - Bugaboo runner - designed for mothers who want to run with their babies.

On the photo, they wrote: "Wow doesn't model and mother of 2-year old Lymée, Ymre Stiekema look amazing in this @nlvogue shoot."

The buggy company also shared the photo on their official Facebook page, along with the caption: "See how model and mum Ymre Stiekema stays fit and healthy with the Bugaboo Runner."

The post riled a lot of people and received nearly 600 comments from mums who wanted to see a "normal mother" running with the new pushchair.

See how model and mum Ymre Stiekema stays fit and healthy with the Bugaboo Runner. Stay tuned for more running tips!

Posted by Bugaboo on Tuesday, 21 July 2015

We put the question to our HuffPost UK Parents Facebook followers and the response was interesting.

Most mums weren't "outraged" by the photo as Vogue UK suggested, however many did think the photo was unrealistic and would not encourage them to buy the buggy.

Lauren Goodchild said: "It doesn't offend me but I can't imagine seeing anyone running in so little clothes!

And Samantha Goacher agreed, saying: "Not offensive, just stupid, who the hell goes running looking like that with their child in tow, athlete or not."

It was the fact that the photo was "unrealistic" that proved to be the biggest bugbear.

Donna Marie Gallagher said: "It certainly doesn't offend me but far from realistic," and Rachel Taylor had a very similar response: "It doesn't offend me but is totally unrealistic. I don't think I have ever seen a runner wearing tiny little knickers like that! I wouldn't have guessed it was advertising the stroller at all."

However, other mums supported the campaign and said that just as some mums are overweight, some have muscular bodies and it's fine to show this in a promotional shot.

Janine Benham said: "Yes there are mums that look like that - just as there are mums who are overweight and have wobbly bits. They are advertising a running pram, so why shouldn't they put someone who is obviously a runner and in amazing shape to advertise it?"

Beccie Cowie agreed: "So its not ok to slate overweight mums, but it's ok to slate fit mums? It's a jogger pram, that's what it is made for and the target audience is fit mums! A lot of green eyed monsters I'd say."

HuffPost blogger Hasna El Maroudi said we need to stop assuming skinny mums are "bad mums".

She wrote: "I'm certainly no Doutzen, not even in my wildest dreams. But I too have lost my pregnancy weight, without any workout. How? Well, it was plain and simple luck. Nothing more and nothing less.

"After six weeks of breastfeeding, every pound I had gained was gone. Everything had vanished in thin air. The scale was no longer my enemy, though the mirror still is.

"I'm willing to run a half marathon in October. To do so I'll have to train with my daughter. Maybe soon I'll use a Bugaboo Runner, while she takes her afternoon nap. Come to think of it: I could use a new bikini too. One I can wear while running."

Other mums on Facebook complained about the running outfit - or rather the lack of an outfit.

Sarah-Louise Mahoney said: "The only thing I am offended by the ridiculous running outfit."

While Jane Hughes-Wynn was a little bit more subtle: "Doesn't offend me or bother me in the slightest, but it is a weird choice of clothing although, it's the cheerleader bow in the hair that weirds me out the most."

Kathryn Phillips added: "Would have been OK if she was wearing shorts instead of pants."

Our favourite comment came from Rachel Stanton: "She forgot to get dressed! Must be the baby brain."

Anne-Mieke Minderhoud, Global Communications Director at Bugaboo told HuffPost UK Parents that the image was produced as part of series for in collaboration with Vogue Netherlands for a feature on Stiekema.

"We want to inspire mums and dads everywhere to explore the world with their families, while keeping an active and healthy lifestyle," she said.

"This particular image features model Ymre Stiekema and her daughter who she loves running with, but our other marketing initiatives feature many different parents who love running, including our own staff at Bugaboo, providing their experiences with their children and the Bugaboo Runner.

"We believe that all parents should be free to run no matter where they are on their fitness journeys and what they choose to wear on their runs."


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