Love Island's Hannah Elizabeth Hits Out At Caroline Flack For Being 'Too Critical' Over Her Decision To Have Sex On Reality Show

'Love Island' Star Hits Out At Flackers Over On-Screen Sex

Love Island’ contestant Hannah Elizabeth has hit out at the show’s presenter Caroline Flack, for being “too critical” of her having sex on the reality series.

The Liverpudlian glamour model got physical with now-fiance Jon Clark many times during the show’s six week run, but is not happy with the suggestion the pair should have waited until they were off-camera to consummate their relationship.

Hannah Elizabeth

Caroline Flack

Defending her decision to have sex in the communal bedroom, Hannah continued: "Everyone was doing stuff under the covers, whether they've had sex or just a bit of foreplay, they did stuff.

"You couldn't really have the best sex on there, it was so sweaty under the covers. But at the end of the day, we're all human. I fell in love and I couldn't have waited for six weeks."

Jon proposed to Hannah in the final episode of the series earlier this month, after a task which saw them hold a commitment ceremony.

Jonathan proposed to Hannah on 'Love Island'

Speaking to OK! magazine, the pair revealed their plans to hold a “gangsta” wedding.

Kate Price eat your heart out.

Caroline Flack

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