29/07/2015 07:59 BST

Justin Bieber Gives A Superfan An Emotional Surprise (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber has shown his nice side, taking part in an emotional TV segment and surprising one of his biggest fans.

The new US show ‘Knock, Knock: Live’ sees megastars dishing out cash windfalls to members of the public who’ve been dealing with tough times, and in the latest episode, the Biebs surprised 15-year-old Ashley, who recently survived meningitis.

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Ashley and her family were left stunned

Ashley missed her quinceañera, a huge party that celebrates a 15th birthday, because of the life-threatening illness, and it was Justin’s job to put things right.

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“She's a really big fan of mine,” he said before paying her a visit. “She missed a lot of important events in her life, I just wanted to bless her.”

He then rocked up to her house unannounced, presenting a £10,000 cheque - financed by one of the show’s sponsors - and revealing to Ashley that he had planned a belated quinceañera for her.

Earlier this month, David Beckham put in a star turn on the show, delighting a cash-strapped family.

Other stars to have taken part in the emotional show include rapper Common.

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