MC1R, Magazine Dedicated Entirely To Redheads, Proves Being Ginger Is Awesome

Finally, A Magazine Dedicated Entirely To Redheads

If you're a redhead, or if you're obsessed with people who are (come on, who doesn't love Prince Harry?) then we have good news for you.

A magazine dedicated entirely to gingers has recently been launched.

The publication, titled MC1R, is the brainchild of Hamburg-based lighting design student Tristan Rodgers and is named after the gene that yields red hair.

Considering the fact that between 1% and 2% of the world's population are estimated to have crimson tresses, gingers are very much a minority.

The magazine hopes to give redheads around the globe the representation they often lack in the fashion world, as well as show case remarkable stories from people who have ginger hair.

Speaking to Vice, Rodgers explained that MC1R started out as a photo project, but grew into a magazine as his network of red-headed beauties flourished.

"I discovered that there’s a big network of and for redheads emerging around the world, and I’m now a part of this movement," he said.

"People really connect at redhead festivals; they share what they’ve made or their experiences - it’s big, positive hype right now. Some people argue that focusing on the hair itself is a paradoxical method, but if people are identified by the way they look, making work about it allows artists to represent themselves and create a positive feeling for everyone."

As well as stylish images and profiles, MC1R discusses social advantages and disadvantages to being a redhead.

Its pages also feature other popular projects in the redhead world, such as Thomas Knights oh-so-fabulous RED HOT photo series - an anti bullying campaign of gorgeous redheads that went viral in 2013.

The first issue of MC1R was published in German, but the second issue of the magazine has been created entirely in English, as Rodgers hopes to reach an international audience.

You won't find the magazine on newsstands just yet, but the second edition of MC1R is available to order online.

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