...along with 157 new emojis including superhero outfits, racoons, swans, kangaroos and parrots.
Why did we get zombies, fairies and genies before a simple ginger emoji?
'It's that day we've all been waiting for guys.'
As a comedian, I essentially come out every single night and there is part of me that feels completely and utterly liberated by this and by the fact that I am getting laughs and applause for being me. Let me take you to the beginning of the story...
A "ginger extremist" who fantasised about shooting the Prince of Wales so Harry could be king has been detained indefinitely
Ginger. Aaaaargh! It is a term I have loathed for most of my life, since it became clear to me the stigma attached to the label. It is now arguably one of the words I most use in my life. What a turnaround. I decided to use it in my blog name, in an attempt to grasp my USP, and perhaps to finally, once and for all, embrace the millstone it has become around my neck.
A teenager was sent home from school after dying his a "reddish-pink" (ie, ginger), as teachers felt his new barnet was "too
If you're a redhead, or if you're obsessed with people who are (come on, who doesn't love Prince Harry?) then we have good
The petition calling for Apple to introduce ginger emojis has surpassed 15,000 signatures and made it's way to
The colour red connotes danger, passion and power, so this could be where the bad-tempered stereotype comes from. Some redheads choose to own this passionate reputation, while the rest of us couldn't care less about it.