Redhead Emojis Are Officially Launching Today

'It's that day we've all been waiting for guys.'

After years of patiently waiting, the world is finally getting the redhead emoji that millions have been asking for.

The new ginger emojis have officially gone live today along with 157 new emoji officially sanctioned by the Unicode Consortium.

Now before you rush to your phone to start typing, the good news sadly has to come with some bad news. This update simply means that devices can support the new emoji, it doesn’t mean that they’ll suddenly appear in your iPhone’s keyboard.

Unicode Consortium

Typically we see internet firms like Twitter adopt the new emoji first while Apple and Google will usually wait until their next big software release before they support them.

What does that mean? Well if you’re an iPhone user it means you’ll probably have to wait until iOS 12 which launches in September and for Google that’s Android P which could also be arriving between September to December.

Of course that hasn’t stopped the internet from rejoicing in a decision that everyone can agree was long overdue.

In addition to the ginger emojis you’ll also be treated to 157 all-new emoji including superhero outfits, racoons, swans, kangaroos, llamas and parrots.

There are a range of new physical objects as well including some laboratory equipment, skateboards, a pirate flag, chess piece and more.

While these are all available to be used, Apple and Google can effectively pick and choose the emoji that they want to support so you’ll have to wait until September before you can find out if they’ll be creating their own.


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