Should You Have Sex On The First Date? A Group Of Guys Reveal Their Honest Opinions About Women Who Do

You're on a first date, things are going well and you, quite literally, fancy the pants off of the person sat opposite you.

Should you have sex with them?

In the above video by BuzzFeed, a group of guys reveal what they really think about first date sex.

On the whole, the men agree that getting busy in the bedroom on day one never goes quite as you imagine. Cue fake orgasms all round.

But what do men think about women who choose to have sex on the first date?

"Our society has kind of decided that women shouldn't be sexually promiscuous but it's okay for men, which is, you know, pretty fucked up," one guy notes.

Another adds: "You can't condemn someone for doing the thing that you just did - that's the definition of hypocritical. Hypocrites have no place in the bedroom."

We have to agree with the man who just says: "If you wanna have sex, have sex."


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