Katie Hopkins Reveals Worst Fear About Brain Surgery Is 'Waking Up With A Welsh Accent'

Katie Hopkins has revealed that one of her worst fears about her forthcoming brain surgery is waking up with a Welsh accent.

Controversial right-wing columnist Katie Hopkins tells Huffington Post UK that she fears coming out of her operation with a Welsh accent far more than returning from surgery as a Communist.

"Being a Commie I could deal with," she says. "I'd probably just go and live somewhere appropriate. But coming out with a Welsh accent, I would find very hard to deal with."

Katie Hopkins is facing brain surgery to help alleviate her seizures brought on by nocturnal epilepsy

Katie reveals that she has had to factor in the age of her three children in deciding when to opt for the surgery planned to help alleviate her nocturnal epilepsy.

"It’s a choice, but the surgeon feels that the next 1-2 years, my best outcomes would be I have the surgery, so once you get that, you have to decide," she tells HuffPostUK.

"For a while, it’s been a little bit about the children being old enough, and I don’t know what old enough is, but if something were to go pear-shaped, is 11, 10 and 6 (her children's ages) is that sufficiently old enough for you to have done as much as you could have done in that time period, or should you wait, or whatever?

"There’s a point at which you need to do something for yourself and your children will be fine. But there’s no graph for that, so you just have to find the courage to do it at some point."

Katie recently wrote a public blog to her children on HuffPostUK. The TV personality's condition means that she frequently has seizures, and once stated that she had been hospitalised 26 times in nine months. When she was in the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house earlier in the year, her condition meant she was given her own room to sleep in, away from the other housemates.

Katie also acknowledges to HuffPostUK that her own struggles with epilepsy could be the reason she has so little tolerance for other people's claims of suffering.

"I still have the empathy gap, and it’s driven by things I tolerate in my week may be off the chart compared with what other people tolerate," she ponders.

"That’s where my zero tolerance is, I think, 'You need to grip this now.' I’m not a hypocrite."

But she might just be tougher than other people? She agrees.

"My standard is higher for people than what they achieve, and that will always be a disappointment to me. I look for the best in people, but I don’t find it that much."

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