'Poundland Toy' With Flaming Vagina 'Fanny Flambeaux' Is One Of The Weirder Things On The Internet

This Review Of A Japanese Toy From Poundland Is The Best Thing We've Seen All Week

YouTuber Big Clive was walking around Poundland grabbing some bargains one day when he stumbled across a rather odd sounding toy. It was a perfectly innocent looking children's doll, but it was called "Fanny Flambeaux" of the "Smoking Pussies" gang.

Clive takes us through the product, pointing out that her secret weapon is a flamethrower.

We think we know where this is going, but let's give the £1 toy the benefit of the doubt.

Oh, but wait. No. Our worst fears. This child's toy is actually a woman with a flaming vagina. Why does this exist? And why can you get it in Poundland??

Well, it turns out you can't. Big Clive was just having us on. He actually created the doll himself, but it was fun to believe, wasn't it?

But if you want to make your own (we don't recommend it), here's what Big C has to say about it:

"Since I’ve now been asked several times if it’s a real product, I have to confess that the product in the video was actually made from a few different items all sourced from Poundland.

"The good news is that if you are a big boy or girl (18 or older) you can own an actual Poundland Fanny Flambeaux doll by making it from Poundland items. You do this ENTIRELY at your own risk. Doll may explode in flames. (Yay!)"

Here's what Big Clive says you'll need:

  • A ‘Dress to impress’ doll
  • Birthday cake ‘ice fountains’ to insert up the doll’s (widened) botty
  • A barbecue-style gas lighter to light it with
  • A pack of 6″ by 4″ photo paper to make a new label and glossy instruction guide

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