Creative Pregnancy Announcement: Couple Reveal Baby News With Animated Time-Lapse Greeting Card

Gone are the days when pregnancy announcements was simply a face-to-face conversation with those closest to you.

These days, couples all over the world pull out all the stops when they have a baby on the way and this couple have set the bar pretty high.

Nick Rollins, a talented artist, decided to draw an animated greeting card to send to his and his wife Ari=-Ann's friends and family.

Using just a pencil and piece of paper, the father-to-be drew a portrait of himself and Ari-Ann.

But family and friends had a wait the whole two minutes 25 seconds before they realised what they were watching.

Just before the video ends, Rollin makes a quick edit to the family photo with one small addition.

He rubs out his wife's flat stomach, draws a bump and then colours it in.

"We wanted to tell everyone in a unique way,"” wrote Nick in the caption on the YouTube video.

The video has received more than 35,000 views on YouTube, encouraging Rollins to make even more videos.

On his channel, he wrote: "We have a few silly videos on YouTube, but we've been think about starting a vlog now!"

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