Tinder Launches Exclusive Music Video Previews

Tinder has launched a new feature that teases its users with exclusive audio from well-known artists.

In a first for the dating app, American singer Luke Bryan released his new single “Kick The Dust Up” via video message served to users of the app.

Tinder hopes the move will increase engagement and give users more reasons to log in regularly.

The video message plays automatically and leads to a lyric video for the single.

Fittingly, users could swipe right or left on the message – depending on their interest.

Phil Schwarz, the app’s head of marketing, told Mashable: "Our engagement rates show that every music partnership we've done has been well-received by users — between 20 and 30 percent of people watch music video premieres or swipe right on branded profiles offering exclusive content.”

Tinder isn’t the first social network to seek exclusive music releases, with Facebook, Twitter, Shazam and Snapchat all working to provide users’ with content they can’t see anywhere else.

But Luke Bryan did have to make a very clear caveat to the promotion: "I'm happily married and not on Tinder,” he said, “but I hope my fans on Tinder enjoy the song — and if they're not on Tinder, now's the chance.”