MH370 Latest: 'No Doubt' Debris Is From Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight - Expert

There is "no doubt" that a wing flap belongs to the missing Malaysia Airlines 370, an expert has said.

The wing flap, that was found on the Indian Ocean island Reunion, has arrived at a French military testing facility for analysis to to establish whether it comes from the Boeing 777 which disappeared on March 8, 2014, while en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 people on board.

Another object that could be from the plane also washed up on a different part of the same island on Sunday, Sky News reported.

But this was later dismissed by a Malaysian official who said the item was not from the plane.

The BBC reported it was a plane door and had writing and illustrations on it.

Aviation security expert Christophe Naudin on France's BFM-TV: "In the aeronautic community there is no (doubt) on the issue of what the debris belongs to. We are all convinced that it belongs to this flight (370).

He said only three 777s have crashed since 2013, adding: "One is in the United States, one in Ukraine, and this one in the Indian Ocean."

On Monday, an investigating judge will meet with Malaysian authorities and representatives of the French aviation investigative agency, known as the BEA.

Under a microscope and expert eyes, the wing fragment that washed up on the beach of the volcanic island could yield clues not just to its path through the Indian Ocean, but also to what happened to the airplane.

The wingflap washed ashore on Reunion Island

Analysts at the French aviation laboratory hope to glean details from metal stress to see what caused the flap to break off, spot explosive or other chemical traces, and study the sea life that made its home on the wing to pinpoint where it came from.

If the wing flap is confirmed to be from 370, it is the first sign of the plane that vanished without a trace. A multinational search effort that lasted months came up empty.