Buzz Aldrin Claimed $33 In Travel Expenses For The Apollo 11 Moon Landing

As anyone who has done it knows - claiming expenses is one of the most laborious tasks on the planet. It's also apparently a task you need to do even if you leave the planet.

When Buzz Aldrin returned from the historic Apollo 11 mission he, like everyone else, needed to fill in a travel expenses form.

As you might expect, it's absolutely incredible:

The NASA astronaut tweeted the incredible picture earlier this month which showed the official NASA travel voucher form that he needed to fill out for his 384,400 km journey to the Moon and back.

In a moment of blissfully over-the-top bureaucracy Aldrin even had to specifically state his location throughout the trip and the type of vehicle he was in.

Aldrin lists his location as being 'Moon' while stating that he travelled in a 'Gov. Spacecraft'.

Along with the travel expenses form, Buzz then posted on Facebook the official customs form he had to fill out including the declaration that he had brought back samples of moon rock.

The official documentation shows that Aldrin and the rest of the crew had to declare all the samples just like everyone else, even making sure that they got the official stamp from a customs officer at Honolulu Airport.

Because many people have asked - yes, the #Apollo11 crew also had to sign customs forms when we returned from the moon...

Posted by Buzz Aldrin on Sunday, 2 August 2015