Nottingham Street Gets A Pot Noodle Vending Machine. Students Go Wild

If you were deliberating which university to apply for, then this may have just clinched the deal; Nottingham has just seen a pot noodle vending machine installed on one of its city streets.

The installment, which appeared on Mansfield Road, has created a stir amongst the student population, with the owner of the machine saying it's one of many he hopes to open around the city in the coming months.

A Pot Noodle vending machine, which has been installed on Mansfield Road in Nottingham.

Owner Will Bellamy, co-partner of Investment FX Ltd, said it was one of several vending shops he hopes to open around the city over the coming months.

He told the Nottingham Post: "I feel that Pot Noodle gives people choice and it's not going to change a lot; people can still get a burger or kebab but this gives a bit of choice.

The news was broken by Steven Sheil, Nottingham resident and horror film writer.

Unsurprisingly, the news has divided the masses, with many rejoicing in the 24/7 availability of the snack, while others despairing at the state of humanity.

You stay classy, Nottingham.