Great British Bake Off 2015: Episode One As It Happened, In Funny Tweets


Great British Bake Off is back on our screens, and it's got us glued to the sofa once again. It's at its usual innuendo-ridden gold standard, so here's how the first episode went down, illustrated with funny tweets.

Warning: here be spoilers.

There was a token hipster:

A token hipster with a silly hat:

And he put BEETROOT in his cake:

There was a Lithuanian bodybuilder who mastered the art of whipping like she wasn't even bothered:

We got to see two Pauls, seemingly fighting for the role of Alpha Paul:

They were tasked with making a Madeira cake, which got everyone giggling over the inevitable crack in the top:

And Mat filled his cake with gin. As you do.

Someone actually managed to forget to turn the oven on. IN A BAKING COMPETITION. And her excuse was fantastic:

There were puns:

Lots of them:

Yes, Dorret had a bit of a mare with her gateaux:

Ok, "a bit of a mare" was an understatement:

There was a lot of gin:

But not enough for Mary Berry:

Sue Perkins was feeling her usual naughty self:

Behave yourself, @sueperkins!

β€” Radio Times (@RadioTimes) August 5, 2015

And so was Mel:


And of course there was a whole horde of glorious innuendo:

In case you were wondering, Marie won Star Baker and there's a gif of her reaction:

And the hipster in the hat wasn't so lucky...