London Tube Strike Has More Commuter Support Than You Might Think

A Surprising Number Of Commuters Actually Support Thursday's Tube Strike

With Thursday’s Tube strike being the second within a month, Londoners are understandably annoyed and fatigued by the travel disruption they face.

Yet despite the obvious disruption, a surprising number of people are giving their support for the latest stoppage.

A Transport for London advertisement was published on Wednesday advising commuters about the organisation's offer to tube drivers, and the changes to working terms and conditions.

The advert highlighted annual leave tube drivers enjoy and financial compensation they can expect Source: Imgur

As would be expected, a lot of people were really quite angry.

But there was a surprising amount of sympathy and support for those striking, too.

Others were torn.

Though others are considering a change of career

And perhaps even membership of a trade union…

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