To Mark 'Pixels' Release, Here Are 15 Fashion Choices That Really Were Fashionable In The 1980s... Honestly!

'Pixels' is a recipe of classic action adventure with a huge dose of nostalgia.

Adam Sandler stars in this action-comedy about what happens when aliens misinterpret video feeds of classic arcade games as a declaration of war, and start attacking Earth in the form of video games.

Adam Sandler stars in 'Pixels' alongside Pac-Man

Video games, grandfather? Yes, little children, they really did used to be a thing, before brand names like XBOX and Playstation took over.

And if you think THAT's incomprehensible, check out these fashion choices to come from that very same decade... and be honest, which of these distinctive trends do you think deserves a comeback?


80s Fashion Trends

Pixels previews in select cinemas 8 and 9 August and is on general release from 12 August. Watch the trailer below...

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