Squinching In Photos Will Make You Look Amazing (Apparently)

Can 'Squinching' Make You Look Better In Photos?

Looking for a way to look better in photos than IRL? Look no further than the 'squinch'.

According to portrait photographer Peter Hurley, who invented the term, squinching is "the most incredible tip for looking photogenic."

And it only takes a quick look at his squinching YouTube tutorial (which has nearly 2m views) to see that it really does work.

Watch Peter Hurley's full squinching tutorial here

According to Hurley, squinting your eyes can help ooze confidence and self-assuredness, as opposed to staring wide-eyed which projects fear and uncertainty.

Although the video was posted almost two years ago, the trend has recently taken off on Instagram thanks to celebs like Kylie Jenner perfecting the squinch in her selfies.

It's popped up almost everywhere

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And hundreds of Instagrammers are trying it out

to squinch or not to squinch #squinching #selfie #ilooklikeanidiot

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Some people have perfected the art

Attempting the "squinching" selfie. Thanks for the tips @cosmopolitan

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But others, not so much

Just read about this #squinching technique for taking the perfect selfie. Nailed it.

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Will you be trying the trend at home? The HuffPost UK Style team did, with some very questionable results (that will never see the light of Instagram day).

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