11 Signs Turning Off Your Phone And Tablet Could Do Wonders For Your Relationship

If you pay your phone more attention than your other half, then it might be time to step back and assess the damage it might have on your love life.

For a while now it's been disputed that technology could heavily influence relationships.

Last year, an article by senior researcher at Brighton University, Paul Levy, confirmed the worst: technology is destroying real intimacy in our relationships, diluting romance and it's very bad news.

Research published just this week by Ofcom shows just how serious the issue is becoming. A survey found half of adults are "completely hooked" to their smartphones. *Gulps*

And it's not just loving relationships between partners that are at stake. Kids are ignoring their grandparents because they'd rather spend time on the iPad, Facebook is causing unnecessary mistrust between lovers and smartphones are single handedly scuppering sex lives.

Relationships are suffering and it has to stop. As Levy said: "Technology can be a beautiful way to keep in touch, but it should be an addition, not a replacement, to real relationships."

Without further ado, here are 11 signs that you need to switch it off.

You check Facebook every morning, but can't remember the last time you kissed your partner good morning... Or goodnight for that matter. Actually, when was the last time you kissed?

You can't sit through a romantic meal without checking your phone. (And yes, Instagramming your food counts.)

You think you don't need to ask your other half how they are because you can monitor their status updates and tweets.

You spend more time playing Football Manager, Candy Crush and {insert annoying phone game here} than you do speaking to your significant other.

Your partner has aired their annoyance (at least once) about your love affair with tech.

You get overly emotional if your partner (or anyone for that matter) reads your Whatsapp messages but doesn't respond straight away.

Serious conversations are interrupted by the constant chiming of your Facebook notifications.

You check your phone during sex.

All your conversations are centred around what you've seen online.

When you're talking to your partner, and not checking your phone, you get serious social media FOMO.

You're reading this on your smartphone while your partner is sat opposite you looking bored.

Step away from the phone. It's for the best.

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