A Morning Glass Of Hot Water With Lemon Could Be Ruining Your Smile

Hot Water With Lemon Could Be Ruining Your Smile

Gwyneth Paltrow, Beyoncé and countless others swear by it, but drinking hot water with lemon in the morning could be playing havoc with your teeth.

At a recent dental check up, I received a nasty shock when my dentist informed me that my daily 'healthy' habit had caused enamel erosion.

The dentist revealed she'd seen a huge rise in similar cases in young women thanks to the drink's growing popularity, even having to give one 21-year-old a set of veneers because of the severe damage it had caused.

A spokesperson for the British Dental Association (BDA) confirmed this with HuffPost UK Style: "Lemon juice is a popular drink in the morning but unfortunately it is highly acidic (with a pH between 2 and 3) and therefore can contribute to enamel erosion or tooth wear over time.

"The temperature of the water can also make a difference, erosion is more severe at higher temperatures."

They recommend swapping the hot water with lemon for coffee or tea in the morning as they're kinder to teeth - although take care with herbal teas as the fruit-based versions are often acidic.

The BDA also warned that if you're adding sugar or honey to your lemon water, it can have a "double whammy effect" on teeth.

"Lemon juice can cause erosion and sugar increases the risk of tooth decay," they said.

If you really can't go without your lemon-y fix, they suggest having it as an occasional treat - drinking it through a straw to avoid contact with teeth, diluting it as much as possible, and only consuming the drink at meal times.


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