Louboutinize This: We Try The New Christian Louboutin Photo Filter App

Do you hear that? That's the sound of Christian Louboutin's entire marketing team quietly weeping at the brand's ill-advised attempt to join the ranks of iPhone photo editing software.

On paper it sounds great: A new free app from the developer of shoes that cost more than our rent, to make users seem cooler to people they don't even know. Why wouldn't that appeal to the social media generation?

Well, here's why not: Firstly, because the market is already highly saturated with the VSCO Cams and Facetunes of the world. And secondly, because there are only three filters on Louboutinize and all of them are awful.

Here's what happened when HuffPost UK Style tried to "Louboutinize" our lives...

First up was Rouge. The filter that completely submerges your shot in Louboutin’s signature shade so you can literally "paint the town red" - according to the brand.

I painted my desk red and it felt like I was in hell.

Next, Crystallize. Please note, the tagline for this filter: "Add a little sparkle to your photos and crystallize a memory forever!"

Crystallize a memory. Forever. I'm not quite sure what part of the below photo I'd want to remember forever, but at least I now know what taking a selfie would look like if I happened to smash up my screen in a drunken rage.

Finally, Legs. I can get behind Legs because you can swipe through the different options to envisage yourself with the bottom half of fun things like a CanCan girl or a football player, to create some sort of horrible centaur.

We reckon Louboutin should just stick to the shoes (and the lipsticks, dear god the amazing lipsticks).

Emma Stone

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