11/08/2015 09:18 BST | Updated 11/08/2015 09:59 BST

Danny Cipriani Talks Kelly Brook Split: 'I Had Depression For 9 Months'

Danny Cipriani has revealed that he fell battled depression, after splitting up withKelly Brook.


The rugby player split from Kelly - who he describes as the only serious girlfriend he’s ever had - back in 2010, and in her autobiography, Kelly claimed that he had cheated on her.

Danny's now spoken about how the aftermath of their relationship affected his performance on the rugby pitch, and left him depressed for months afterwards.

Kelly Brook and Danny Cipriani

Opening up to The Sun, Danny reveals: “Going through a break-up and people always talking about your relationship while it is affecting your sport can cause a lot of issues.

“After that I had depression for nine months. It’s cool as I’ve now learnt everyone’s got their family issues, whatever they might be.

“It wasn’t a great time and I had to see somebody to get help. It’s part of growing up, and going through that in the spotlight is tough.”

The pair later reunited in 2013, but it wasn’t to last, and Kel discovered that he’d been secretly sending sexy text messages to a string of women behind her back.

She later got engaged to former ‘Gladiators’ hunk David McIntosh, but they split after a matter of months, and Kelly is now dating French judo instructor, Jeremy Parisi.

Danny, on the other hand, admits he’s not had a serious relationship since Kelly, insisting: “I’ve not found a good time to settle down. I’ve been trying to work on myself and with other people to get my rugby to where it needs to be.

“When I meet someone I think it will hit me in the face and I look forward to that moment.”

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