James Corden And Kevin Bacon Play Hilarious ‘Who's Your Co-Star?' Game On ‘The Late, Late Show' (VIDEO)

James Corden invented - well, lifted from 'Never Mind The Buzzcocks' - a new game on the latest episode of ‘The Late, Late Show’, roping in guest Kevin Bacon to play a game of ‘Who’s Your Co-Star?’

After discussing how tough it must be for Kevin to recognise the many actors he’s worked with over the years, James stitched the A-lister up with a variation of the BBC2 quiz show’s Identity Parade round.

Kevin, who was appearing on the show alongside 'The Newsroom' star Alison Pill, was asked to identify the jury foreman from his 1992 movie ‘A Few Good Men’, and five actors, one of whom was the real star, lined up on stage.

To give Kevin a helping hand, all of the men recited the character’s one line,“We have, Sir”, but did Kevin manage to guess correctly?

Watch the video in full below to find out…