Melanie Sykes Naked: TV Star Strips Off For Nude Photoshoot As She Celebrates Turning 45 (PIC)

Melanie Sykes has never been shy about stripping off when there’s a camera about - as her Instagram page and lingerie shoots prove - and the TV star was at it again as she celebrated turning 45.


And what better way to mark the occasion than a spot of skinny dipping?

Mel stripped naked and took a dip for her latest photoshoot as she celebrated her birthday in Spain.

Joining her on her hols were her two sons Roman and Valentino, as well as television presenter Phil Turner and make-up artist and friend Gary Cockerill.

Mel recently insisted that anyone can have a body like hers - it’s all just a matter of putting the hours in at the gym.

“I wanted to get toned. I wanted to start investing in my health – so I did,” she told Fit & Well magazine. “Everyone that says ‘You’re so lucky to look like that,’ I’m not lucky at all, I put the work in.

“Anyone can get fit. If I can, anyone can – it’s that simple! There hasn’t been pressure on me growing older in the spotlight. I keep fit for myself.”

“It’s about my life and how I feel naked. It’s been a huge confidence and mood booster. It’s made the transition into my 40s a lot easier.”

Melanie Sykes' 100 Sexiest

Melanie Sykes' 100 Sexiest

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