The Sugar In Fizzy Drinks Can Also Make This Giant Lollipop

Henry Hargreaves

You've probably heard that there's a tad too much sugar in juices, soft drinks and even coconut water. But do you know what they look like once the water is boiled away and only the sugar is left?

That's what New Zealand-based photographer Henry Hargreaves set out to discover when he dehydrated sugary drinks like Coke, Snapple, and Mountain Dew and poured the remaining substance in a lollipop mold. The result? Gigantic lollipops.

"I wanted to illustrate visually a way to see what was in our drinks," Hargreaves told The Huffington Post. "I had seen the piles of sugar, but to me that doesn't mean much as it's not actually coming from the physical drink. Hence, I wanted to create a lollipop from the drink."

For reference purposes, here's what a bottle of Snapple looks like in lollipop form next to its lollipop-sized cap.

Fizzy Drinks As Lollipops

Intrigued? Hargreaves promises he has more sugar-related projects in the works. "I have another couple up my sleeve, stay tuned!"