Robert Pattinson Discusses Fatherhood And His Future Child

Robert Pattinson has revealed he'd definitely like to become a dad with fiancée FKA Twigs.

When asked in an interview with Jolie magazine if fatherhood would be coming anytime soon, the 29-year-old said: "Definitely, although I still do not know when."

Pattinson was then quizzed about whether it would be hard for his future child to grow up with a dad who's a teen idol.

"He or she will probably look at me every day and think to themselves: Actually, why is this guy such a funny, quirky oddball?"

Pattinson and fiancée FKA Twigs

During Pattinson's interview with the German magazine he also said the idea of becoming a father was one of the reasons he was so attracted by his new role in the film Life.

In the movie Pattinson plays Dennis Stock, a photographer for Life magazine who is assigned to shoot pictures of James Dean. Stock was also a father who left his family.

Pattinson added: "At my age, you don't get so many chances to play a father - and certainly not one who leaves his family in the lurch. Personally I imagine it different, of course."

It seems Pattison isn't the only one in his relationship thinking about children.

British singer, FKA Twigs, 28, said in an interview with Sunday Times on 9 August: "Women are amazing creatures. We can give birth. We have a womb. We can create life! Are you kidding me? We can create life!

"I honestly didn't give a s*** about any of this stuff until about two years ago. I don't know whether it's my age, but all of a sudden I started thinking that if I had a daughter, it is gonna be terrifying."

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